The Warrior Zie Collection

The Warrior Zie earring collection was created in support of 3 year old superstar, Mackenzie – a lovable, bright little girl, who’s had to display the strength and courage of a warrior.

Mackenzie was born premature at 23 weeks gestation, weighing only 670 grams. She spent 6 months in hospital where she developed a serious illness which caused a brain injury. Mackenzie’s development has been impacted by her injury and she works hard every day learning to control her body. 

$5 from every pair of earrings sold is donated to the Mackenzie Foundation. By purchasing these earrings, you are helping this beautiful girl reach her greatest potential and live a happy and inclusive future. 

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About the Artist…
Jenny Miller is a South African born artist and illustrator. She is also a doting and caring Granny to Mackenzie. Jenny’s passion for creativity has seen her explore a variety of art forms, but she has a particular adoration of watercolour, patterns and rhythms. Jenny’s art is regularly selected for display at local exhibitions and her natural artistic talent is sought for custom commissioned pieces.

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